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Organic Soy Candles

8 Oz Organic Soy Candle

$17.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • These are energized Soy Candles with lids - 8 oz.
    Main ingredients: Rose, Lavender, Sage & Rue and Palo Santo with Rosemary high grade essential oils.
    These candles have natural leaves, petals or buds that will create a "floating" effect while lit.
    Inviting you to have an enhanced interaction with them.
    The price of the candles vary depending on the scent, Lavender $ 10.00, Rose $ 15.00 the others are $ 8.00. Please choose a Lavender, Rose , Sage with Rue or Palo Santo with Rosemary candle.

    Rose intention: Focus on your dearest desires, forgive and set yourself free to love unconditionally..

    Lavender intention: Invites clarity, harmony and peace within.
    Sage with Rue intention: Clear your space of what no longer belongs in it or with you.
    Palo Santo with Rosemery: Connect with your lineage and ancestors.
    Made with love!

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